Hotel & Restaurant Consulting

Opening a new restaurant, restructuring an F&B program, looking to button up current food operations to pull more profit, staff development and training.  

Meal Preparations

Busy families, weight loss goals, help with meals after major surgeries, fitness goals, dinner deliveries as a gift. 

Holistic Nutrition

Detoxes, cleanses, nutritional approach to curing modern illnesses, education on cleaner eating. 

Cooking Classes

In home individualized classes, date night singles mixers, corporate sessions. 

Seated Formal In Home Meals

3 - 14 course dinner parties, brunch spreads, luncheons, wine pairings, family style or service staff available. 

Large Catering

Weddings, Rehersal Dinners, Corporate Holiday Parties.


Gama F.


"So I was 49, the heaviest I ever weighed , and I needed help. I needed to make a life style change... not a diet... a new way of life for me. I was sad because I really like to eat and now I have to eat clean boring food.

 I searched online for a personal chef. I came across Chef Ashelanna.  I liked what she did and something just seemed right about her. I'm so glad I did.  I'm eating clean and  it is Delicious! I'm learning about textures, subtle flavors, and  so much more. She is very creative and talented. I look forward to what new flavor she will serve up next."

Laura L.


By far the most amazing experience of food I have ever had..

 The entire meal was surreal  from beginning to end !!!

 I have many personal chefs in my life at different times, chef Ashelanna puts so much love and positive energy into the food that she creates, my meal  as well as the entire evening felt like magic for me and my man !! 

 Thank you for the beautiful experience chef AshleIanna cannot wait to have you cook for us again !!!

Justin R.


"We hired Chef Ashelanna for a party for my husband's 60th birthday party. It was all meals over a total of 4 day period for 30 people, including 8 children, 2 vegans, and one gluten and dairy free person. She served a total of 270 meals and around 900 drinks. Chef Ashelanna and her team were stellar from start to finish. It was her team's first time working in this particular home, so there were some kinks to work out on the first night, but after that everything ran smoothly. This party would have been super sucky without Ashelanna and her team, but with them, it was absolutely drama free. The food was fantastic and everybody had exactly what they wanted and needed throughout the entire time there. There pricing was in line with their competitors and everything was served on time and well paced."

-Sample Menu- Some of my client’s favorites

Please note: this is a sample menu and is fully customizable to your needs

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